Friday, December 3, 2010

The blue invasion

Blue LEDs.

Companies switched to using blue to highlight interesting stuff on fancy new technology back in the turn of the millenium, give or take a few years.

They're shiny, they're bright, they look very futuristic, and they are getting old.

Not just old, but in IT terms, they are dinosaurs.

Why aren't we using violet, or yellow, or BRIGHT GREEN LEDs? Did everyone become so enraptured by the lightsaber that glowy blue is the new black?

It's not just some equipment either. I sit here at my desk, with my mouse glaring it's blue cyclopean eye at me, with its twin on the keyboard bright under my palm, the numlock light glowing a deep blue, the twin pinpoint eyes of my laptop's hard drive and power lights above that, and then the giant blue i/o designed power button near the screen. My monitor has a blue power light, as does my phone to alert me to new emails, my PVR has a bright blue standby light and all my 7 or 12 segment displays are in a muted BLUE!

Thankfully my printer, my faithful old Canon printer, has a simple green power light. Is that so much to ask for?

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